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Reader Reviews

I’ve really enjoyed that book I bought from you. I liked the format because I don’t usually have time to read for long periods. I’m going to recommend it to others who like to read history. What an amazing guy. They should make a movie of his life. David B.

Enjoyed reading your book. I feel a movie should follow this book. This is a story about a real John Wayne. Jess G.

What a terrific guy! Taping the interviews revealed the real man and the meter of his language is captured. You are there in the room with him; you can almost hear him breathe.
I hear so much grumbling from the old guys around here; I guess they missed the good life that Irvin made for himself. Terrific job! Valerie J.

What a wonderful life story. You both clearly showed Irvin's love for life and not to give up just cause it's hard. It seems we are really missing that nowadays. The WWII generation certainly has that. Thanks for all your hard work in bringing this great story to print. It truly demonstrates what Ronald Reagan said about average Americans who do extraordinary things. Charlene L.

Absolutely wonderful book. As a twenty-year retired Seabee, I simply couldn't put it down. What experiences! What a man and what strong women to follow and support him. Jim C.

I just finished the book last night. I loved it! What a guy! I love the fact that, even though his life was hard, he blamed no one and wasn't bitter. He just did it! He is a proud man. The kind of man I would hope is now serving in our armed forces. I'd like to meet Irvin. He sounds like a real character. I'm glad you wrote this book. It is a story that needs telling. Linda M.

I was totally overwhelmed after reading this too riveting to put down book. You have indeed captured the essence of Irvin through these many adventures. Charlotte S.

After I sat down to read the book, I had to force myself to stop reading so I could get back to work. I love all the stories; they paint such a great picture. I love his storytelling and the way he looks at the world. It is fascinating! Tanya L.

I picked up your book and read the first seven chapters. It is terrific! Your style, sequencing, and incident depth are truly perfect. I will finish the book tomorrow as it is highly entertaining. Great work! David S.

I finished the book. What a guy! Whatever life tossed up at him, he undertook and more than succeeded at it. What a life and how lucky he found Pauline, who traipsed all over the world with him and handled it just as well as he did. And Eunice, too. What a story! I salute Irvin. Dave C.

I just finished reading your book. My mom kept passing it around to others. When I finally got my hands on it, I couldn't put it down. I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed it! I have wonderful, early memories of you, Irvin. You were always so positive and happy, and after reading about all of your crazy adventures, some so sad, it reminds me how important always having a positive attitude really is! I'm so glad to have known you as a small child, and so glad you decided to write the book! Lauren T.

Wow! I just finished reading Irvin’s book. It was fantastic. You’ve done a great job capturing his stories and the voice is very readable and makes the stories all the more compelling. I love the short pieces and the way you arranged it. Even though it’s a series of stories, it comes together as his life’s story. Julie S.

I've almost finished Just Do It and I have to say I can just hear his voice telling these stories. I am enjoying it tremendously; thanks for a very impressive presentation! Jackie B.

Cover-to-cover an excellent book! A real page turner. Imagine how great this country would be if all Americans had this attitude and work ethic. Mike G.

Just want to tell you how much I am enjoying "Just Do It, Crazy Or Not." You did a wonderful job on the book! What a challenge that must have been. My brother-in-law read his book in one sitting! He was so impressed with Irvin's adventures and with the writing of the book, he couldn't put it down once he started reading it. Job well done!! Edna V.

Just Do It, Crazy or Not is the fascinating story of a man making his way from humble beginnings through some of the toughest and most dangerous situations the 20th century had to offer. Spun in his own words, this collection of vignettes appeals to those of us who love contemporary history but don't have much time to devote to reading. I had difficulty putting the book down. Mary Penner's meticulous data collection and collation brings everything together in an easy-to-read chronology. I highly recommend this book to readers who want to understand the factors that drove the life decisions made by our parents and grandparents. Bob P.

This is a wonderful, well-written book that I could not put down. It was hard to believe that one man could accomplish so much and so well. This is the mentality that made America strong. Mary Penner has captured the realism and I was also amazed at the memory of Irvin with all of the details of his life. He is my uncle and I always knew he had a flair for relating stories in such an interesting way. I was enthralled with this book. I didn't even realize the extent of what he had accomplished. This would make an interesting movie. Carol R.

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