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 Just Do It, Crazy or Not won first prize in the 2012 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards for Best Biography written by a New Mexico or Arizona author. 

On June 26, 2016 Irvin Hornkohl died at the age of 92.
An American hero and a remarkable man,
he will be forever missed.



Just Do It, Crazy or Not 

by Mary Penner and Irvin Hornkohl

Irvin Hornkohl longed for adventure. After joining the Navy, his life changed forever on December 7, 1941 at Pearl Harbor. Surviving Pearl Harbor was just the beginning. Irvin’s stories of adventure and survival during thirty years in the Navy include eleven wartime submarine patrols, two tours in Vietnam, and stints at American embassies behind the Iron Curtain and in war-torn Cambodia. Along the way, he was a merchant seaman, a uranium prospector, a pilot, a marathon runner, an airplane mechanic, a builder, and a rancher. He created his own bold life and survived it all. At age 88, Irvin, along with author Mary Penner, shares his captivating life story. Just Do It, Crazy or Not is an inspiring story of an ordinary man leading an extraordinary life.

ISBN: 978-0-9846576-5-0; 248 pages; $15.00


"A fascinating read. Irvin’s stories lead you through the adventures of a childhood in Depression-era Colorado to Pearl Harbor and life on a World War II submarine, and from there through a twisting career-path that took him around the world. Mary and Irvin have woven his memories into this rich tapestry of an extraordinary life."

Juliana Smith, Sr. Communications and Education Associate,

"Moose Hornkohl is a marvel. From the depths of poverty during the Depression to standing alone firing at Japanese bombers during the attack at Pearl Harbor to eleven spine-jarring submarine war patrols during WWII. Wounded in Vietnam. Counter espionage work at the American embassy in Prague during the Cold War. Avoided daily assassination attempts by the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. This one-of-a-kind 'everyman' hero has done it all. Must read."

Mike Ostlund, Author: Find 'Em, Chase 'Em, Sink 'Em: The Mysterious Loss of the USS Gudgeon

"Moose was born when the country was at its worst. He grew up in the real harsh place called life. Through his stories, trials, and learning experiences, he became a good man. His life experiences tempered his character and directed his life in a positive direction. Being on so many war patrols and enduing the wrath of the Rising Sun's forces is a tempering factor. Either you are made for subs or you are not. There is no in-between. This book is a really good read and something all of us should read."

Gordon Palmer, Editor: American Submariner

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